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At DarkCrypto Foundation, DAO is used to invest in other projects that generate profits and distribute back into the Fund. Part of the profits is used to strengthen the DAO fund, while the rest is reallocated to $DCF holders on a monthly basis.
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How DarkCrypto Foundation works
To decide how each project plays out, $DCF holders will make suggestions as project investors and use their voting power to make it happen.
DarkCrypto Foundation will invest in projects to gain adequate exposure and potential partnerships. In exchange, each projects will bring back profits to strengthen the DAO fund.
Stakers deposit their $DCF and DarkNFTs into the protocol and receive rewards in $USDC in a portion of the monthly DAO profit.
Featured Projects
Working with DarkCrypto Foundation
How we bring value to you
AIO Launchpad with many integrated auxiliary services (C Reviews, etc.) for investors and owners.
Raises project awareness at unbeatable rates within Dark Community via proposal and announcements.
Cross-partnership with well-known projects for higher market position.
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What is DarkCrypto Foundation?
DarkCrypto Foundation is an updated version of DarkCrypto Finance and acts as a house brand for DarkCrypto and other dApps surrounding it. $DCF is the governance token of the entire foundation.
What is the goal of the DarkCrypto Foundation?
Is $DCF pegged?
How to earn with $DCF?
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